Finally … new rsyslog site up!

Finally, I managed to get the new rsyslog site up and running. It turned out to be more work than initially expected. Special thanks go to Timm Herget, who did some of the initial preparation and of course to Andre Lorbach, who made the whole system appear. I just added the content and fumbled a little bit with the config settings ;)

The new site now allows user postings and easier updates. I hope it will be a valuable resource for the (hopefully growing) rsyslog community.

Besides rsyslog, the site also is intended to provide reference for add-ons like phpLogCon.

rsyslog 0.9.4 out

Yesterday, I finally released rsyslog 0.9.4, the first version with full TCP support. I got some encouraging feedback from I hope that word now spreads and we get some more momentum for rsyslog. After all, it isn’t looking bad at all. We just need to keep in mind that the project is out since a few month (March this year I remember), so its not bad at all.

The next thing to do is writing a parser for syslog-protocol-14. I wanted to at least seriously begin this during the last call period, but I begin to feel I won’t be able to manage that. Well, we’ll see…

Syslog Encryption Tutorial…

Wow… I took me the afternoon to create a syslog encryption tutorial. The initial version is now posted for review and comments, but I think it will need some further brush-up. Also, doing the tutorial I noticed that I needed to tweak rsyslog a little to make it behave well with stunnel. It’s done now, too. Looks like I am about releasing it early next week :)

Syslog Demo Site…

I just got my syslog demo site online. It is available at The intention is that anybody can send his syslog data and see how it ends up. Now I need to prep some documentation and announce it. Honestly, I am very interested to see if it will be used at all ;)

BTW: I did also notice that phpLogCon needs some “minor” changes. I will see if I can at least initiate something, but given the current ressource restrictions, this does not look well… what a shame ;)

Rsyslog is becoming mature…

I’ve now made a number of changes to rsyslog, resulting in full TCP capabilities. Hopefully, I can make a release announcment today.

With that done, rsyslog is finally on its way to a secure syslog replacement. One of the next steps is to look into using stunnel, a thing that must be easy to do … but also one that must be set up. The TCP support was a key to using things like stunnel, because UDP packets can not be secured in a way that makes sense (two tunnels would work – but who would like to have such a monster…).

sylog-protocol finally in last call

Finally, it happens :) Chris announced workgroup last call this morning. I am very interested to see which additional feedback we may get until August, 5th (the deadline). The last call period unfortunately is a bit sub-optimal, with the 63rd IETF right in the middle of it. Hopefully this poses no problem to the overall advance of the draft.

rsyslog 0.9.3 out

I’ve now released rsyslog 0.9.3, which fixes the nasty bug I described yesterday. Due to the bug, this release was urgent, but I am not 100% satisfied with it. I would have preferred to have a real functional tcp sender in it. Anyhow, maybe it is good that some folks might get their hands at the early implementation (if somebody cares…). The download can still be found at the monitorware-bound site, its time to get the new site up (who is eating up all the time…).