rsyslog 1.10.0 released

Finally, I have been able to do some major feature editons. Now the development branch somewhat gets off. See the change log for rsyslog 1.10.0 to see what I mean ;)

I have to admit that creating this release was more effort than I initially estimated. While I was right that the base design allowed neat integration of the new filtering, a lot of infrastructure (counted strings, parser, …) had to be added. Of course, these additions will help in the future, too. But as I said… it took much longer than expected. I ended up adding 1,000 lines of code and also modifying others. So roughly about 1/6th to 1/7th of the project needed to be changed to make this feature a reality…

Finally… rsyslog 1.0.0 available!

It is finally done: rsyslog 1.0.0 is released. This is the first (officially ;)) stable branch. I’ve taken some weeks of close-to-no modifications to make sure as many bugs as posisble have been found and removed. I am very positive this release is really stable. I also hope that the availability of a stable release will help grow acceptance of rsyslog. All in all, we are now scoring within the top 5,000 projects on (by popularity), which I think is not bad for such a new project in the logging area. I also already got some helping hands (more soon), so this is also an excellent sign.

Now that 1.0.0 is out, I will begin new feature enhancements – which will bring even more usefulness tp rsyslog.

coming close to rsyslog 1.0

I have finally begun preparations for the rsyslog 1.0 stable release. I’ve checked all bug trackers, done some minor doc updates and other such things. Made some very minor changes. As I heared no bad feedback after the 0.9.8 release (now two days ago), I do not accept any more troubles. So I think I am basically set to release by the end of the week or monday.

I have now branched off a stable branch in CVS and think I won’t need to modify it. Now I can turn back to new features. I will start by implementing a core counted-string library, which will hopefully enhance the security ones it is used all over rsyslog. To be honest, that will probably take quite some while. And there is also another reasoning for the library: to support syslog-protocol, I must also support strings with embedded characters, which makes it impossible to use with the standard library routines. So it is nice to even get some more security out of a thing that I need to do anyhow…

rsyslog 0.9.8 released

After some silence, I have released rsyslog 0.9.8 today. I was on vacation the last two weeks and used this time to see how 0.9.7 worked in the field. No bad news, but some user activity. So the problems with the new make procedure seem to be solved. I still had some minor changes, which I didn’t like to apply before going on vacation (I had email with me, but… ;)). So I released these few changes today as 0.9.8. I think they won’t break anything. If that assumption is right, we will have a final 1.0 within the next days :).