IETF syslog seems to be back on track

Long time no post ;) It has been busy days, with finaly a healthy discussion on the IETF syslog-sec mailing list. Still, there are (too) few participants, but it looks like the recent events got the group some momentum. The WG is now in danger of being shut down and that seems to drive activity. A new charter is being discussed. It looks like the rejection of previous work will lead to a really good alternative. It is still too early to be sure all will have a good outcome, but in my opinion it looks more promising than any time the past month – especially if you think about a spec becoming implemented.

syslog-protocol back to the WG

Sam Hartman (IETF Security Area Director) has rejected the syslog-protocol draft due to missing support in the last IETF meeting. I do not yet know which new non-concensus turned up. I fear it is an re-iteration of arguments already exchanged. I am very curios to have a look at the minutes. Anyhow, if it is yet another re-iteration, I seriously begin to doubt if that activity makes any sense at all… Maybe it is a much better idea just to create some simple TCP-based syslog format, talk to the other implementors… and do it ;)