moving towards liblognorm v2

The initial version of liblognorm v2 is almost ready. It offers many new features, like custom data types, much easier rule description langugage, and potentially even greater performance (we have not yet verfied this). As some of you know, I have worked very hard on liblognorm during the past weeks. I have now reached a very important milestone and will switch the git master branch to use the new version. If things go smooth enough, the initial release of liblognorm v2 will go along with the next rsyslog release. Daily build will have it very soon.

Liblognorm v2 also contains the full v1 engine and thus is fully compatible with the previous versions, as far as rulebases are concerned. For more on the compatibility, please read the compatiblity document. In fact, by default the v1 engine is used. To opt in for the new features, you need to add a line


to the top of your rulebases Then it is when you need to really check the compatibility document. This is also what brings you the enhancements.

A couple of notes are due: while we are approaching the initial release, not all design goals have been met yet. Most importantly, we are feeding back user comments into the development process. As such, the v2 feature set is not 100% finalized yet. This means that we cannot yet fully guarantee that all constructs you use will remain compatible with versions released later.  But those that know us also know that this risk is minimal and, if it happens, will be easy to fix. The core concepts are ready and unlikely to change. Note that I will continue to actively work on v2 and more features will be upcoming in the next weeks.

The online doc should be updated in two days at latest (actual update date depends on when I can switch the git branch and how this interacts with the automatic doc generating scripts). I invite you to use the new version and am sure it will be much easier to use and powerful.

Note to developers: the v2 and v1 engine are very different. V2 is a complete rewrite of the core components. Nevertheless, v1 and v2 share some of the same file names. For many reasons, this means I need to rewrite the git master branch with the new version.

Also note that as of now, no new development happens to v1, this version is essentially dead. Very important fixes to the v1 engine will be applied to the v1 subsystem of v2.

Feedback on v2 is appreciated, please post issues or feature requests directly to liblognorm’s github trackers (if possible).