I love to enjoy life. I am a family guy, and really enjoy travelling. I have many interest and I even pretend to understand some of the topics I am interested in…


I was addicted to several hobbies throughout my life. Mostly initially performed obsessively and then settling to a more healthy level. I have been a gardener, photographer, hobby astronomer, educator for kids, done political work at the community level and quite a bit of other things. I am also a kind of space geek and it was a great pleasure being able to attend one of the last Space Shuttle launches (yay!). I have worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross in very troublesome times when the German border was opened, before Germany was re-unified. A rewarding experience.

Probably my greatest hobby has been and is computing and software development, which I was lucky to make to my profession. I can still be found in the garden, photographing (primarily) landscapes and flowers, and relaxing while dancing (a relatively recent addition to the portfolio). I relax when hiking and staying at the beach. I love Latin music, and if nothing helps to fix a nasty software bug, a good song, played pretty loud, may get me going.

OK, some Politics…

I strongly believe that we are all created equal and share the same rights. It is not the color of our skin, our religious beliefes, citizenship that bears privilege (well, it should not…). But it is how we behave, and how we care for each other. While I am totally pro the idea of a United Federation of Planets, for the foreseeable future I would be satisfied to be part of a true nation that is called “Europe”.

Even more so, I believe that peace and health is the most important we have, and I firmly believe that our leaders should care a bit more about this than they currently seem to do.