Everyone does some things really well. For me, among them is designing and implementing complex systems.

Oh Man … really???

I am in the IT field since 1983. I have started as a software developer, than turned into a data center guy and then into a data center guy building local area networks. For some years, I have served as a consultant, often as a consultant doing some custom programming. This was an enjoyable time, but I am back to pure software development for quite a while now. I still do some consulting, but not that often and primarily if it really matters. During all those years, I was always working close to the system level.

I hold a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Hagen and a state certification in business administration (comparable to a BSc).

I am a member of the ACM, the German Informatics Society, the ISOC, and the IETF syslog working group.


I have wrangled with quite some IT systems since I started in this business. Some of them are long-forgotten, but I really like all of them. Among others, I have worked with

  • IBM Mainframes (VM, VSE, CMS, CICS, SNA)
  • Unisys Mainframes(OS 1100, TIP, CMS, DMS 1100)
  • Bull GCOS/HVX
  • Unix (e. g. AIX, SCO) and Linux
  • Network Technology (Physical Layer, Protocols & Applications)
  • Software Development (quite a lot of languages, including stuff like ADA)
  • Novell NetWare and NDS
  • Microsoft Operating Systems and Backoffice