Huwaii’s Junk Patent on Syslog…

I wanted to share my excitement about a new patent with you:

I have just been able to find the one of the uttermost pieces of carp that the wrotten patent system has produced. May I introduce you to Miao’s genius invention for the syslog protocol:

As a side-note, it has quite some technical flaws and shows some fundamental misunderstanding on how syslog works. But maybe that’s what the real invention is…

I also find it quite disturbing how the tuning profile selection process from RFC 3080 is being re-invented in this invention. And it is also a nice steal to see my architecture slides

being represented in a childish way (or did you steal them from a freshmen’s course book?). Thanks Huwaii and Miao for this great invention and stealing my work. I really appreciate it. I bet Marshall T. Rose will also be delighted.