Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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Happy holidays to everyone! It was fun communicating with all of your and bringing new features online. This year, we did not only extend rsyslog, but worked an a couple of enhancement in related topics, like log normalization, the log store, better Windows support and many improvements in the web based viewer.

Special thanks to all of who contributed code, good bug reports, ideas and encouragement – or helped funding the project by purchasing support contracts or incidents.

It was a busy year and I will try to relax a bit the next days. So please bear with me if I do not respond as quickly as usual (I will try to even be a few days offline ;)).

Thanks again guys, have a great holiday season and all the best, most importantly health, for 2012!


PS: if you enjoy the ASCII art, have a look at the artist’s web site!

Seasons Greetings to Everyone

My best wishes to everyone! Let me share this lovely impression:

fog and cool temperatures create a christmas wonderland - seen 2007 in GermanyI thought this image conveys much of the beauty of our planet earth and the hopefully peaceful holiday season. I wish all of you great holidays, nice gifts and time with your beloved ones.

In 2007, we’ve gone a long way. Both from an Adiscon perspective, with lots of new product releases and great features and also from the rsyslog point of view. And, of course, there were private highlights as well, for example my unforgettable trip to view space shuttle Discovery’s sts-120 launch. Thanks everyone for your support and all the kind words I received!

Once again, a great holiday season to all of you!

PS: if you enjoyed the image above, you may want to have a look at my xmas 2007 impressions gallery.