LinuxTag 2013

I gave a talk on “rsyslog vs journal?” at LinuxTag 2013 in Berlin (slides an paper now available at “rsyslog vs. journal?” blog post). It was a great event, and I had quite some good discussions with rsyslog users. As it looks, the v7 config is very well received and many folks are moving toward that version.

Of course, I also learned (not surprisingly) that there is desire for better doc. In some discussions, the idea of small video tuturials came up, and I have to admit that I like this idea. It looks like it is quicker to do for me than writing full-blown tutorials and yet is probably very useful especially for folks who look for a very specific target. So I hope to find time to do some experimenting. I’ll probably start with some extracts from my talk, first doing the theoretic thing and then showing how things actually work – in 5 minute shots. So stay tuned.

In the mean time, here is a quick glimpse at the LinuxTag social event, which I also enjoyed very much (it’s actually rather short, because I wasn’t so much into just filming ;)).