Progress on rsyslog doc and site improvement

As you probably have noticed, we have made some considerable progress on the presentation of the documentation on the rsyslog site. Also, the site itself received some upgrades.

The rsyslog site and doc improves. (symbol picture: Rainer Gerhards via AI)

The new mobile-friendy theme is now in place, also we have removed most ads from the doc section and a large number of ads from the regular pages. Ad placement is still under consideration.

For the documentation, we have now removed the links to the outdated v5 and v7 doc sets. These were previously present for folks with these versions. However, they are so ancient now, that it is unlikely someone needs doc on them anymore. Even if so, it still is available in the doc operating system packages (deb and rpm) as well as in git.

We now offer doc for the daily stable (“master”) and the scheduled stable (v8-stable). However, there difference is little. Having both sets probably is confusing. As such, we will most probably switch to a single doc set for the daily stable. That will clear up things a lot.

Finally, we have improved the blog section on the rsyslog site. It’s now more news like. Together with this, we now consider adding more fresh content on a regular basis. Our current line of thought is also to replace the now-static (and old) rsyslog homepage with blog content – this would provide a much better idea of what goes on. In any case, most users reach the doc pages directly via search engines. So changes to the homepage are only visible to those, that navigate intentionally to it. For them, the most current news seems more interesting.

We hope these changes are useful. As always, feedback is highly appreciated.