pace of changes in rsyslog

I have achieved much the past days with rsyslog. The output module interface is more or less ready. Of course, a few things need to be cleaned up, but all in all it looks good. Maybe a day or two for the cleanup. The interface is not yet perfect. Especially the way actons are configured should be changed (to make it more secure). However, none of this is really pressing. The initial goal was to get a better to maintain code base and prepare it for future enhancement. Both of this is basically finished.

So wouldn’t it be natural to go ahead and do all the nice other things? Well, I think not really. There has been much change. It doesn’t hurt to let the code base mature a little before further large changes are applied. Especially when we think that it will ship as part of Fedora 8. And I have to admit I need to look at some other work from time to time ;)

With all that, my plan is to refrain from large changes in August. Of course, I’ll probably can’t withstand doing some improvement here and there. But I do not plan to do the loadable plugins, advanced threading or input module interface for the time being. All of that will happen starting September. By then, I think I have a very good starting point for that work. And now I hope that rsyslog get’s a lot of testing (as already has happened the past weeks). I think that what we currently have will more or less 2.0.0. Let’s see how far features creep in besides my good resolutions ;)

rsyslog approved as Fedora 8 feature

Man, I was so busy, I didn’t even notice that the Fedora steering committee approved the rsyslog feature for Fedora 8. The rsyslog feature page in the Fedora Wiki is an interesting read. I am quite happy with the state of affairs. Most importantly, rsyslog is receiving a lot of testing now, and new bug reports and patches come in each day. This helps to make a rock-solid and feature-rich software, just as it should be.

rsyslog and fedora 8

I looks like more and more sites pick up the news. A quite good review of it, together with the other F8 features, can be found at this site:

I wonder if traffic will go up on the rsyslog site – this has not happened yet. The root question behind that question is if people really care about logging. I guess most people couldn’t care less than which syslogd is included in a distro. But I may be proved wrong.

In the mean time, I hope that the additional exposure will lead to more ideas, more testing and in the end result an even better rsyslog.

rsyslog and fedora…

The news is creeping around the net that rsyslog possible replaces sysklogd in Fedora 8. As far as I know, no definitive decision has jet been made by the Fedora folks. But a lot of them already contribute to the code and its packaging system. So no matter how they’ll finally decide, this is very good news for the project.

Currently, I have not “advertised” the fact because I think it is not yet finally decided. But now it looks it has left the mailing Fedora mailing lists: