Squash your Pull Requests!

PRs should include one commit per feature or bugfix – but not more. Especially fix-up commits are really bad and we try to automatically reject them.

rsyslog CI rejects a PR with “bad” structure

A fix-up commit is one that fixes a previous commit within the same PR.The key point is that it does not correct a current coding bug, but one that would have been introduced in the same PR. The proper thing to do is melt it together with the commit that made the mistaken. It is best to not even create the fix-up commit in the first place. Use “git commit –amend” when applying the fix.

There is a hard technical reason why fix-up commits are bad: git bisect provides an easy way to find regressions. When there are commits that do not build (or where tests fail), git bisect does not work. Continue reading “Squash your Pull Requests!”