rsyslog changes upto 2007-07-30

I’ve not had as much time as I hope to have for rsyslog today. However, I also did a bit coding over the weekend. My work log is as follows:

– fixed bug in freeSelectors()/stopWorker()
– added some module interface doc
– released 1.17.5
– added cfsysline objects – initial set of functions
– fixed bug in OMSRcreate() – always returned SR_RET_OK
– fixed a bug that caused ommysql to always complain about missing
– fixed a mem leak in OMSRdestruct – freeing the object itself was
forgotten – thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch
– fixed a memory leak in syslogd/init() that happend when the config
file could not be read – thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch
– moved skipWhiteSpace() to srUtils.c, where I think it fits better
– moved doBinaryOption() and doGetGUID() to cfsysline.c
– fixed insufficient memory allocation in addAction() and its helpers.
The initial fix and idea was developed by mildew, I fine-tuned
it a bit. Thanks a lot for the fix, I’d probably had pulled out my
hair to find the bug…

As you can see, I started on the final piece of output modules, that is handling of $-config lines (called cfsyslines). This time, I have a different, bottom-up approach. I now move the code first to the new object and then implement the object in all its glory. That costs me a bit more time for interim code that I will quickly discard, but it safes me the headache of coding hours and hours without the ability to test what I am doing (that was a big problem last friday). As I was interrupted often today, this approach proved indeed very valuable. It even allowed me to include mildew’s great patch this afternoon AND immediately release it to the anon cvs. As a side-note, this approach is also the reason why there is code in cfsysline.c that so far is never executed – it is the plumbing that I will activate when I have moved all the utility functions. hopefully, that’ll be tomorrow.