rsyslog output module interface

Rsyslog‘s output module interface begins to materialize. I have even begun to restructure the code modules, which currently mostly means shifting code to different places. However, there is much more behind this code-shuffling. I’ve been thinking quite a while about modularization of rsyslog. What happens now is the result of this thinking. In the end, we will have output modules running on independent threads, each being able to queue data when the output for some reason is suspended (e.g. the remote syslog server it sends data to is unavailable). And, of course, the module interface will also support plug-ins.

The current MySQL action will become such a plug-in. I need to adopt a way to tell current users a way to migrate to the loadable module interface. I guess, I’ll add a dummy statement like

$ModLoad MySQL

To the current configuration. Well, yes, let’s do that – I’ve created a feature tracker as I write down this blog entry.

The only effect it will have in current code is that it tells the config engine that the user cared about modules. In builds that will later support loadable modules, it will actually load the mysql plugin. Currently, its only function will be to warn users to apply it, when they did not do it. That should take care of a smooth transition.