rsyslog changes for 2007-08-02

For those curios, here is todays work log as far as it relates to rsyslog:

  • enhanced linkedList class, new method to get count, new method to execute a user-supplied function on all members
  • enhanced syslogd memory structures to support multiple actions per selector however, this can not yet be configured due to missing config code for this case
  • moved cfsysline-calling into cfline() – now a unified interface again
  • enabled functionality to have more than one action per selector
  • changed doAction() syslogd internal functions to allow for larger data & state data – in preparation for actions that shall only be executed when previous action was suspended (the switchover case, e.g. for failed databases or TCP receivers)
  • added tryResume() API to module interface
  • added resumption logic to rsyslogd (but not yet any module)
  • got a working version of suspension/resumption logic including omfwd.c
  • implemented $ActionExecOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended config directive
  • MILESTONE REACHED: we now have the ability to switch over to a
    different syslog/tcp server if the primary one fails. It is also done via a generic interface, so it should be sufficiently simple to extend that interface to other actions, namely the database.
  • some cleanup
  • begun to work on ommysql.c