needed to pull 1.19.7 release

Unfortunately, there is a serious bug in rsyslog 1.19.7 that can prevent UDP message reception. Totally. No message received at all. This somehow slipped through our own testing as well as test at some third parties.

The root cause of this problem is interesting: I changed an internal interface to make things more reliable. What I changed had some old code in them that did return’s right in the middle of the code. I overlooked those returns and so an invalid state was returned.

The interesting fact is that the function now returns an enum type (rsRetVal). Previously, it returned an integer. For some reason, the compiler issued no warning when the old (accidentally remaining) code returned an integer. If I’d receive a “wrong type” warning, I’d probably spotted it before even doing testing at all.

Bottom line: what’s wrong with my compiler settings?

Oh, and yes: I’ll release the fixed version soon. It then will be 1.19.8 to avoid confusion. I now fight with the distribution system: I received a patch that allows ommysql to be build as a separate module. So now it is separate – even from a distribution point of view. That causes some grief for distributing it and can possibly break some things in distribution packages. I need to think how to tackle that in the best possible way…