What’s going on with rsyslog?

I’ve not posted much the past days. That doesn’t mean nothing has happened. I wanted to post a work log today, but I have to admit I have forgotten it on a machine I right now can not access. OK, first thing tomorrow morning…

In short words, we are still on the bug hunt. I am now again back to reviewing code, this time on a functional basis. I am checking everything based on the message flow, looking at functions as they are called. Today, I completed the review of the reception part (up to the point when it gets into the main message queue). Unfortunately, no serious problem found. I used the review, however, to clean out some nits, add a large number of new comments and even found a memory leak. The later one would currently most probably never occur in practice, but when syslog-protocol gets adopted, it would have hit.

Tomorrow, and probably then next two or three days I’ll review the code that is executed once the message leaves to main queue. There is probably more meat for a bug in that part (its by far more complex).

I also think I’ll release the cleaned-up version sometime soon – after all, it’s better then what is currently released.

I keep you posted. Comments are always welcome.