Hunting for the segfault…

Do you remember? We are still hunting for a segfault in rsyslog that is very hard to find. The biggest problem is that most people will never experience it. I do not experience it in lab, nor does anybody else who is currently working on the project. And without the ability to reproduce it, there is a lot of guesswork involved.

This is why we are asking for the help of our users (that means: you!). If you run rsyslog and experience a segfault, we would very much appreciate if you could run a specially instrumented version. Peter Vrabec created it and it contains debugging support as well mudflap support, which is a tool to track down nasty memory management errors.

The RPM can be found at:

Please install it. You will notice that CPU usage is higher than normal, but in most cases this is harmless. If you are concerned, drop me a line with specifics and I’ll happily address them.

If a segfault happens when you run this version, please send us

  • binary,
  • coredump and
  • /var/log/rsyslog.mudflap
  • hardware and OS information (which distro? multiprocessor? …?)

Our sincere hope is that we receive enough reports to find something in common between them. So, please contribute your segfault info if you happen to have it. This is a great way to contribute to the project!