rsyslog threading

If you followed my work logs or CVS updates, you’ve probably seen that I have worked quite a bit on rsyslog‘s threading. So I thought I share a view “design documents” that cover up the big picture.

Michael Biebel asked me for a few graphical representations of how the modules interact and what the message flow is. I am not a real good computer graphics guy, and an old-fashioned one. So I thought before I let you wait any longer, I share some of my hand sketches. They are not fancy, probably hard to read – but maybe still helpful. Find them below. A klick bring up the hires version, which is a bit less hard to read ;)

I’ll try to add better graphics and descriptions as soon as I find some time. But I have to admit that I currently have so many things on my mind that I’d like to code first. So it may take a short while.