rsyslog work log 36

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– added professional support options to doc set (also somthing that
we need to have in order to be an alternative to syslog-ng)
– added doc on how expressions will work
– cleaned up the stringbuf Construct interface
– did some cleanup on stringbuf calls – we now have much better
interfaces and macros
– moved config file code to its own file
– finally made CONT_LINES in config the only standard support (the
code contained code for other case, which were never executed by
the preprocessor)
– some include file cleanup
– added ctok class (the config tokenizer)
– done stage work to begin implement tokenizer
– implemented initial tokenizer (stage work for expr parser)
– begun implementation of expression parsing logic
– implemented, simpstr, var, number in tokenizer
– implemented function in tokenizer