rsyslog error message repository

Starting with 3.19.8, rsyslog finally offers specific error codes as part of the syslog tag. For example, rsyslogd-2040 means that a file could not be found. I have added these tags both to facilitate log parsing as well as easy troubleshooting.

But a tag is only as good as the information that it helps to find. Consequently, I have started to describe error cases inside the knowledge base’s event repository:

So far, there is only a limited set of messages available (to phrase it politely ;)), but I plan to increase it over time. Note that there is an interactive feature where questions to the message can directly be posted to the forum. I hope this is useful.

If you run into an error message that is not-yet described, let us know and we’ll add an entry. In the long term, the new knowledge base part should be able to solve most problems.