Rsyslog will become Debian’s default syslogd

I have some great news. It has come to my attention that the Debian project has selected rsyslog as the default syslogd for Debian lenny. So after Fedora, this is the second time rsyslog is becoming the standard syslogd for a big platform. This leads room for the hope that it will be able to capture even more momentum in the future.

Special thanks go to Michael Biebl. He maintains the rsyslog package on Debian. Without his hard work and very solid understanding of the Debian platform, rsyslog would never have been able to be ready for prime time on that platform.

For those who enjoy the good news as much as I do, here are two relevant links:

While it is joy to read about these developments, it is also a chore of the rsyslog project to live up to the trust that is put into it. We are well aware of this and will keep rsyslog in good shape for all who depend on it.