A German rsyslog forum…

Some of you may know that I am a native German speaker. I thought I started an interesting experiment: the “deutsches rsyslog forum” (which means “german-language rsyslog forum” ;)). It is targeted to those who prefer to express themselves in German language.

The interesting question, though, is if this forum will actually attract much attention. In German IT, there is a tendency to think that almost everyone speaks sufficiently well English so that he or she can obtain enough information to get the job done. If that proves true, there would be very little benefit in localizing any of the documentation into German language. So before seriously considering that, it is probably a good idea to do some testing. For the very same reason, my buddy Tom Bergfeld currently translates the rsyslog home page, mainly the announcements, into German. We will do a similar experiment to phpLogCon and evaluate both together after some time has progressed.

Please drop me a note if you have an opinion on this, or on localization at all.