rsyslog work

I have not blogged that much the past weeks. Rsyslog work is still progressing quite nicely. I am currently working on (large) performance enhancements. Thanks to David Lang for his help on this topic.

I am also hunting another threading bug. This one manifests only when running on high-end hardware and seems to have to do with synchronization. Interestingly, the problem does not show up under valgrind (a memory and threading debugger), which usually points to flaws very well. Hard to find… Especially hard to find because I do not have the right hardware to reproduce it. I managed to get a faster box last week, but still it is not fast enough (and does not have enough cores…) to reliably trigger the problem. Since them, I have seen it a couple of times, but no indication yet of what is going on.

Also, I need to help some other Adiscon projects and do a bit of my consulting chores, so that the time allocated to rsyslog is a bit limited. But, hey, I have worked nearly full time on it this year and it has evolved very well. So I don’t think it is a problem going at a somewhat lower pace for the time being (plus, of course, I hope some other sources of funding will appear which enable me to go back to “full time rsyslog” mode).

In any case, the future has exciting things to come up with. I personally would like to see a customizable message parser, which would enable users to work with different sender formats at the same time.