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Hey, am I getting spammy? Have I been hacked? Or do I change the profession and become a top-notch e-gold hacker? lol… nice idea. But no, not really. But have a look at this post:

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In a conversation I had with a friend of mine who runs the forum He pointed me to his site statistics: While we were talking about site usage, the top notch content item of this deeply technical site drew my attention. It is the spam you can see above.

Mutex, the site owner, once decided keep a sample of the what the forum spammer left for him. Very interestingly, over time this seems to have been evolved into a the top page for egold hack downloads. At least if you do a google search “hack egold download”, his syslog site is right there in the top spot of the search results.

And what I find really interesting is that this spam accounts for nearly 10% of a quality site’s traffic – a leftover just to show off the spammers. And, no, I don’t think he gains much from that traffic, at least I tend to think that folks looking to break into e-gold suddenly turn out to be interested in the beauty of syslog ;)