calling for log samples!

Now I join those mass of people who are asking for log samples. But I do for a good reason :) Also, I do not need a lot, a single log message works well for my needs. I need them to improve rsyslog so that the parser can even better handle exotic message formats. So the short story is if you have a syslog message, please provide it to me.

And here is the long story:

One of the strength of rsyslog is that it is very much focused on standards. That also means it tries to parse syslog messages according to the relevant RFCs. Unfortunately, syslog has been standardized only recently and so there is no real standard for what to expect inside the header. So rsyslog strength is also its weakness: if messages are ill-formed, results are often suboptimal.

I am working around this by doing smart guesswork inside the legacy syslog parser. However, every now and then some folks pop up with problems. And, more importantly, some others do not even ask. On my twitter account, I recently saw one such frustration. In that case, timestamps were duplicated. I guess that was caused by something unexpected inside the timestamp. However, I was not able to get down to the real problem, because I did not have access to the raw message. That’s an important point: I need the raw message content, not what happens to usually be in the logfile. The later is already parsed, processed and recombined, so it does not tell me what the actual message is. But I need the actual message to improve the parser.

What I would like to do is create a very broad test suite with a vast amount of real-life syslog formats. The message text itself is actually not so important to me at this stage. It is the header format. If I get this, I’d like to analyze the different ways in which the format is malformed and then try to find ways to implement it inside the parser. If I find out that I can not detect the right format in all cases automatically, I may find ways to configure the different formats. The end result, I hope, will be far more plug-and-play message detection, something that should be of great benefit for all users.

Please contribute your logs! I need logs from many different devices, with many different versions. But I need only a few lines from each one. For each individual contributor, there is not a lot of effort required. Even a single log line would be great (ten or so be even greater). Just please don’t mangle the logs and provide me with raw log messages. That’s probably the hardest part. One way to do it is to sniff them off the wire, for example with WireShark. Another way is to use rsyslog itself. All you need is a special template and an output file using it:

$template rawmsg,”%rawmsg%n”
*.* /path/to/raw-file.log

Add this to your rsyslog.conf, restart rsyslog, make the device emit a few lines and mail me the result to You may also simply post the log sample to the sample log thread on the rsyslog forum – whatever you prefer. After you have done that, you can remove the lines from rsyslog.conf again. Before you mail me, it is a good idea to check if there is any sensitive information inside the log file. Feel free to delete any lines you have, but I would appreciate if you do not modify line contents. Also, it would be useful for me if you let me know which device, vendor and version produced the log.

I hope that you can help me improve the rsyslog parser even more. Besides, it will probably be a very interesting experiment to see how different syslog messages really are.

Thanks in advance for all contributions. Please let them flow!