refactored imfile module now publically available

Hi all,

the refactoring and enhancement of imfile done by Nikolaidis Fotis has reached a first public-visible result. I have just created a new experimental git branch with his work:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/v5-stable-imfile-refactor

The code is probably not 100% finished, but it provides a preview plus the ability to suggest further improvements.

Please note that the code base has evolved since the refactoring begun. So in order to integrate into the main code line, we must see that we can adopt to the recent changes to imfile. Most importantly, you should try to merge this branch with v5-devel, which gives me a lot of issues when I try to do it. We will look at this once the new modules codebase has matured (and Nikolaidis gives me a “go” for that activity).
Feedback on the new module is appreciated (please direct it to the rsyslog mailing list).