log normalization: how to share rulebases?

Rulebases play a crucial role in log normalization. While the log normalizer itself needs to be of high quality and speed, it is the rulebase that really helps to detect which message the one in question is. I myself have so far concentrated on the code and not created any larger rulebase. Champ Clarck III has created many more for his use inside Sagan. But this means everything is in its infancy. What we really need is community involvement to create a large number of easy to access rulebases for almost all devices.

This brings up the question of how to manage and share such a repository. One method may be to place it on a web site, together with some submission tool. An alternate approach would be to put everything into a public git. This latter approach has some beauty, because git is universally available and well know. Even if a user does not know git, only a minimal set of commands is required to pull the rulebase. So maybe this is the way to go?

I would be very interested in suggestions on how we shall manage rulebases and spread the word. What do we need to support a great community? Whom can we talk to? If you have any ideas, concerns, questions or even an idle rant, be sure to let me know. At best, send mail to the lognorm mailing list, so we can broadcast this to other folks interested.