new rsyslog v5-beta released

I just released rsyslog 5.9.6, now a beta and no longer a development version. I have done a big merge today of bug fixes and small enhancements from the v5 branch and combined that all into 5.9.6. The plan is to mature this version as quickly as possible, which could really mean “rather quick”. For one, 5.9.5 is released for three month now and seem to have not broken quite a bit. Secondly, there are only very few new features and those that have been added already got their practice drill in some large environments (and such seem to be save for wider consumption).

I also sincerely hope that this will conclude the v5-devel branch for the foreseeable future. Having two active development branches always is a big burden, and merges are both time-consuming and error-prone. So if at all possible, I’ll try to refrain from doing any larger-scale development work in v5. It needs to be seen if I can hold to that when it comes to paid custom work. On the other hand, the v6 engine has also gotten both rather stable AND much feature enhanced. So it probably is a good idea to being to ask people to move up to v6. But that’s another story, to be written in the not so distant future ;)