rfc3195 mailing list…

I’ve talked with a lot of people about rfc3195 to lots the past days. I’ve a mixed feeling. Since spring, rfc 3195 is getting momentum. On the other side, the IETF syslog-sec WG is considering removing some parts from RFC 3195 (namely the COOKED profile). The adoption rate in practice is also very low…

Anyhow, the discussions indicated that a lot of folks seem to work on rfc 3195 (well, “a lot” in my terms…), but most of them somewhat isolated. I will now try to solve this issue with a new mailing list. Maybe we can even get some IHE folks onboard.

The list charter is as follows:

The rfc3195 list is targeted towards people interested in RFC 3195-based solutions. It is primarily aimed at implementors, protocol-designers and operators who would like to have insight into the protocol and the various implementations. It carries deeply technical content about protocol interpretations, interoperability of different RFC 3195-based solutions, and discussion about the future of RFC 3195. It also covers news and annoucements about RFC 3195-related projects and products. These items should not be marketingish but rather help inform the community of new arrivals and other important events.

Subscription information is available at


I hope this is a useful tool for the community. Let’s see how it evolves.