rsyslog 1.11.1 released

Today, I have released rsyslog 1.11.1. It now supports BSD config file extension for hostname and program blocks. Initialy, it caught me by surprise that BSD has such considerable extensions. Actually, it looks like I picked the wrong starting point with sysklogd. BSD’s syslogd is much more capable (e.g. it has IPv6!) and the code looks somewhat cleaner. Anyhow, now we are too far in the game to reconsider anything. Plus, there is not much code left from the orginal sysklogd. In lines of code, I think rsyslogd has roughly 2.5 times as much code then sysklogd (hopefully not only consisting of bugs ;)).

Today, I’ve also brought over some patches from sysklogd to those remaining code pieces in rsyslogd. The sysklogd team is *very* conservative with updating the package. In its CVS, there are a number of non-intrusive yet slightly important patches which have not yet made it into the source. The “current” version is now rougly 2 years old… Anyhow, I think I have finally build a considerably more capable and also reliable syslogd than what I started with. It’s still a way to go, but I begin to like what I have done. :)