rsyslog 1.11.0 released – with RFC 3195

Long time, no post. But now I am really excited. Finally, I have managed to get RFC 3195 functionality into rsyslog. The 1.11.0 release contains just the listener (aka “server ;)), and the code definitely can be improved. But, after all, this is a big step for rsyslog. Esepcially, if you consider that the original project goals called for immediate implementation of RFC 3195. Even the name – rsyslog – stems back to RFC 3195 (reliable syslog!). Well, it turned out that other needs were in much more in demand, and so RFC 3195 was postponed and postponed…

Still, we do not have the initiator (sender) and not the greatest code. But at least we can now see if there is growing demand. I expect so, but only slowly. I will see that I can integrate the initiator shortly, but I will first have a look into multithread-enabling rsyslogd. That would facilitate some of the RFC 3195 (synchronous) requirements and it probably is also needed to implement openssl with sufficiently performance (and thus low to no message loss).

But for now, I am happy with where I am arrived ;)