rsyslog 1.17.0

I had an extraordinary good day today. I managed to make rsyslog 1.17.0 nearly feature complete for the upcoming 2.0.0 release. I also see much more interest from the community, now that red hat thinks about moving rsyslog into Fedora 8. If all goes well, we’ll soon see it pushed to F7 as an extra. That would enable more people to play with it. And that’s important. We had a lot (a real looooot) of changes the past weeks. It’s now time that some folks seriously try to break the code, so that we can create a solid set of bug-fixes (not that I or my contributors made any mistakes – but you know: all these multi-bit errors messing up the source ;)).

Let’s stay tuned how things evolve. For the time being, will simply enjoy being satisfied ;)