rsyslog progress on 2007-07-27

I made big progress, even though the work log seems not to indicate it. The issues I worked on were quite complex. And, most frustratingly, there were no simple way to even compile rsyslog until the change was completed. So I hacked for about 6 hours without any feedback on the effect. Of course, after the first compile things were really bad. But over time, I managed to fix the bugs. Now I am quite happy with the result. The output module interface really begins to materialize. The next big thing is handling of configuration system line directives ($-lines). Stay tuned…

The work log for Friday:
– released 1.17.4
– added omsr object (objomsr.c, objomsr.h) – template request for output
– changed doAction() interface
– templates and output string generation for doActon() is now fully
– removed selector_t f references from output modules
– MILESTONE reached: no more access to selector_t from any module, at
least at this layer we communicate via clean interfaces. However,there
remains the topic of global variable access and calling to functions
housed somewhere else (e.g. in syslogd.c). A new code review is now due,
many changes happened, many TODO’s added.