on rsyslog versions

What I said about rsyslog versions these days may sound a bit strange. I am talking about 3.x, but yet we are only at 1.x. Do I intend to bump version numbers just for the fun of it. No! But the schema I originally had in my mind has proven to be infective. Initially, minor versions starting from .10 were reserved for devel builds, while anything below was reserved for stable ones. Consequently, we have a stable 1.0.5 right now and a devel of 1.19.0. However, the 1.19.0 is a very far departure from 1.0.5.

So I now have decided that the 1.x devel series will become 2.x stable. In fall/winter, I have a number of very large changes for rsyslog on my mind. These changes will be so considerate that the end result can not be a 2.0 version. This time I want to make this clear from the beginning. As such, the new devel series will actually start at 3.x.

So hopefully this all will make sense now: I’ll continue a bit to use the 1.19 (or higher) series for things that will become the next stable release). Around September/October, it will actually be released as 2.0.0 stable (and then receive mostly fixes). As soon as this is done, development will immediately continue with 3.x, which will be the release with new object model, enhanced threading, more plug-ins and all that…

I hope that clarifies now – and makes at least some sense to you.