rsyslog changes for 2007-08-06

I have been on the road today, so not much happened. But at least some things were done ;)

  • varmojfekoj sent me a patch for some selector_t init code. It patched re-init, where rsyslog should happen to segfault (it didn’t do it, but why not is a mystery…) – applied it
  • changed action resume interval to a more reasonable 30-second intial value
  • moved action object out of syslogd.c to its own fileset (action.c/h)

Keep in mind that the pace of changes will now go down for a few weeks. The code needs to mature. I’ll probably focus more on docs AND *other* projects in the mean time. I guess I’ll also work on no-code things, like config file format and final object design (more on those later, this was just a teaser ;)).