rsyslog changes for 2007-08-07 & 08

This time, I blog the changes for both days. Today was again quite busy, with a number of smaller changes. But all in all you can see that the pace of changes is reducing. I hope that people will test it, but I also hope that we will see no more big bugs the next few weeks. Then, I consider it to be mature for a new stable release.

You will probably see no or very few code changes during that period. You can expect, however, some doc upgrades. All in all, my focus has now moved to the next major release, which I am currently designing. And of course, some other things are also asking for a bit of time now that I have worked very intensely the past two month on rsyslog.

Stay tuned. Any news will appear here in the blog. In the mean time, try 1.18.1 and tell us what needs to be fixed (of course, you may also just praise our work, that’s fine, too ;)).

Here is the work log:


  • applied patch from Michel Samia to fix compilation when the pthreads feature is disabled
  • moved code to create/delete message queue to init(), after reading the conf file. This is a prequisite to allow specifying the queue size in the conf file.
  • add config directive $MainMsgQueueSize, which now allows to configure the queue size dynamically


  • moved the “after select polling code (for fds)” to its own function
  • optimized select handling, after select polling cycle is now finished when all active selectors are processed
  • all compile-time settings are now shown in rsyslogd -v, not just the active ones
  • changed function name dprintf() to dbgprintf() as it conflicts with the clib
  • added config file directive $ActionResumeInterval
  • solved an issue with debian sid. LARGEFILE preprocessor defines are changed in rsyslog.h, which causes grief for zlib under sid. As a temporary solution, I have moved rsyslog.h right at the beginnng of the include order. It’s somewhat dirty, but it works. I think the real solution will be inside the autoconf files.
  • added a database cleanup script based on a suggestion of Michael Mansour. Michael Meckelein adapted it slightly for use with rsyslog.
  • released 1.18.1
  • fixed bug: default for $DropMsgsWithMaliciousDnsPTRRecords was not reset on up and on $ResetConfigVariables