a dedicated shuttle blog

Ah, the joys of blogging. When I started this blog a few years ago, I kept it focussed on one topic – and thus had a few other blogs for other topics. Then, these nice labels appeared in blogger. That looked like an ultimate solution to me: just put everything in a single blog and then use the labels (or tags, as others would call them) to generate topic-specific feeds. Now is the the first time that I really did this. And, guess what, it doesn’t seem to work as nicely as I initially thought.

Mixing rsyslog/logging and a field trip to the space shuttle launch causes some confusion. I do not like confusion ;) So I have created another blog for my space shuttle launch viewing trip today.

I hope this will work out. I sincerely think it is in the best interest of all readers. The next days (as time permits, its obviously not a priority task…), I’ll create some useful links to get the different pieces together if you are interested in the big picture. Also, I’ll remove the shuttle posts here and change them to redirects.