rsyslog changes until 2007-09-24

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit lazy reporting what I’ve done with rsyslog. The primary reason is that it was a lot of review, which is quite boring to report in a blog. Today, I think, I’ll do a new release, so at least here is my worklog for up until yesterday.

– possibly found a bug in cvthname() that lead to a wrong size being specified
in a getnameinfo() API call – not sure, though, if it is “the” bug (actually,
it looks like it isn’t). – this is EXPERIMENTAL
– fixed a bug that caused signal handlers in cvthname() not to be restored when
a malicious pointer record was detected and processing of the message been
stopped for that reason (this should be really rare and can not be related
to the segfault bug we are hunting).
– split the function cvthname() for clarity. Also changed to using the rsRetVal
status return system
– removed some compiler warnings in regard to signed / unsigned comparison
– code cleanup
– fixed a minor memory leak that occured when the %APPNAME% property was
used (I think nobody used that in practice)
– more review and cleanup
– simplified code in shouldProcessThisMessage() for debug output
– changed strerror() calls to thread-safe strerror_r() variant