rsyslog 1.19.9 released

I have just released rsyslog 1.19.9. It is now two weeks since the last release. I have taken some extra time to make sure that the release system (source tarball) now fits the packagers’ and user’s needs. Also, some time went into hunting the segfault, though this was still quite fruitless. However, mildew has identified that the segfault seems to occur only on 64 bit machines, which is a very good hint.

I’ll now watch for comments on the 1.19.9 release and then see if I myself can do anything against the segfault early next week (I am setting up another x64 machine for testing). Later the week, I’ll be heading for my space shuttle launch viewing trip, which will unfortunately mean that my focus will not be on rsyslog (by my co-workers will keep it up).