worklog for the past days…

Work on rsyslog was focussed on the new packaging and bug fixing. Most importantly, people had problems with the new tarball introduced in 1.19.8 and we have made sure that 1.19.9 will again meet the expectations. We’ve done a round of pre-releases on the mailing list and managed to get down to something that seems to be quite acceptable. The official 1.19.9 release will most probably be released later today.

Here are the details:

– changed the threading to include one extra thread that runs the
mainloop. This was done to work around a problem with malloc/free. Note
that we are still running on two threads – the startup thread just waits
for the new one to finish. For a description of the problem I try to
work-around, please see:
Note that this is an experimental change, which will only stay if it
proves to fix the segfault issue we are dealing with.
– changed the build system to use a single source tarball again (but
different makefiles for the main project and ommysql)
thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch
– applied fixes from Michael Biebl:
1.) fix failing compilation of ommysql plugin (s/ommysql-config.h/config.h/)
2.) fix mysql configure check (although the default is no, we did
check for the mysql devel files)
3.) Create a separate for the doc files. This cleans up
the toplevel considerably and makes it much more readable
and maintainable.
3b) Assign the html doc files to html_DATA. This means, they are
installed to $(hmtdir), which by autoconf standards is
4.) Reformat the SOURCES line to make it better readable and maintainable.
– integrated patch by varmojfekoj to tweak build system even further
– Peter Vrabec requested doc not to be “stored” in html_DATA – changed that