GSS-API for Rsyslog

I just reviewed and integrated a patch from varmojfekoj into rsyslog – it provided GSS-API support. I have to admit that I have not yet fully understood what it does from a user’s point of view. But I begin to have the feeling that this patch will probably be the most important addition to rsyslog in the later half of this year.

I also have not yet evaluated how this patch relates to the syslog-sec IETF syslog security effort, namely syslog-transport-tls. I guess they are related and the patch probably not only provided non-standard functionality but may even make it harder to implement the standard. HOWEVER, if we look at how slow moving that IETF WG is, I do not bother about any compliance problems. They can be dealt with later. What I find much more important is that we have a real-world answer to real-world security question and we do have this now. So what could be more important? ;)

I keep you updated on the progress.