Launch viewing Tickets sold out for STS-122 …

Out of curiosity, I checked ticket availability for Atlantis’ STS-122 Decembe, 6th launch this morning. As usual, the launch transportation tickets are already sold out (I bet that happened again within a few minutes). However, there are still tickets available for viewing from the Kennedy Space Center main visitor complex. Depending on what is your main intension, this option may also be useful for you. You can read my previous post on launch viewing from the KSC main visitor complex to get an idea what awaits you.

I would also like to mention that there are still options to get launch viewing tickets for the NASA Causeway via third-party operators. Just be sure to use only NASA-appointed ones or you may run into trouble. I have written details in my post on “How to view the launch from closeby when no tickets are available?“.

Of course, you can also go to Titusville beaches. They are farther away from the launch site, but still offer a very unique view. If you would absolutely like to view the launch from the beginning, it is better to go to Titusville than to go to the main visitor complex (which, on the other hand, is better if you come with kids).

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  1. I have been so busy lately …, but here I am.

    I don’t have the opportunity to see this launch like the previous. But I did the same test. I called after the day proposed to sale the tickets and they had sold out all the NASA-Causeway tickets. I think it is because the last mission, STS-120, warned many people. You are responsible for that too. ;-)

    Rainer, I couldn’t finish my collaboration on time. Now, you are posting about STS-122 but if you want to read about my experiences, visit my blog:

    I posted in flickr our pictures together.

    Cheers, Armando.

  2. Hi Armando,

    glad to hear back from you. It’s the start of the working day over here, so I could just have a glimpse at your blog. It looks fantastic! Will enjoy reading it in whole this evening.

    BTW: you managed to be quicker than me :-D — as you know, I also plan on adding a full experience report.

    And a tech side note: even in the comments, you can use <a href=””> to make your link clickable (blogger doesn’t do that automatically). I think that would enable others to enjoy reading it any more. But don’t bother now, I’ll do a post with your URL myself so that it gets enough attention.

    I also have tons of pictures resting at my hard disk. As it looks now, I’ll probably need some weeks to get all of them online. I’ll do gradually.

    Cheers, Rainer

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