rsyslog- what’s next?

I posted an outline of my next actions on the rsyslog mailing list and would like to share it here as well:

I have thought about setting up a full lab for GSS-API before carrying on. For now, I have decided to NOT do that. I am sure that the contributors have tested it quite well and the code that I have reviewed looks excellent.

So I will pull it in as is and wait for some feedback from the field (with the assumption “no feedback” equals “OK”).

I will then begin to look at the loadable module de-initialization. This is not really clean in the current release, but that’s no problem because modules never get unloaded. However, in the long term we need this to be clean.

The mysterious segfault issue is still dangling. I was hesitant to do any larger-scale new development without fixing it. But given the fact that it is extremely hard to find, and obviously happens very seldom, I’ll continue developing. I am right now looking into upgrading the dev machine to an x64 OS, where most of the problems happened. My hope is that I will see a segfault during further development work and then hopefully be able to tackle it. I still think that the segfault must be well understood and fixed before I go into some serious multithreading redesign. As such, unfortunately, this issue still holds some of the work scheduled for the next *major* version.

I thought I give you an update here in my end (will also post this to the blog for the others). Any feedback/suggestion is highly welcome.