rsyslog changes upto 2007-12-12

It looks like I have become too lazy in reporting my changes. I’ll try to be more quickly again in the future. Here is the part of the work log that is missing. Please note that it does not always mention my hard thinking about the new threading model ;)

– applied patch from Michael Biebl to finally fix the -ldl cross-platform
– fixed some type conversion warnings that appeared on 64 bit machines – these were in
debug statements, so indicated no real problem
– some code cleanup
– released 1.20.0 (finally ;))

– When a hostname ACL was provided and DNS resolution for that name failed,
ACL processing was stopped at that point. Thanks to mildew for the patch.
Fedora Bugzilla:
– fixed a small memory leak that happend when PostgreSQL date formatting
was used
– corrected a debug setting that survived release. Caused TCP connections
to be retried unnecessarily often.
– added expr.c, which has some thoughts on expression implementation
– fixed a potential race condition, see link for details:
– added synchronization class to handle mutex-operations in the most
portable way.

– handled selector flushing on termination (and hup) correctly. Could lose
some information before.
– done some more hard thinking on the threading model for upcoming
– released 1.20.1