xmas rsyslog work log

I’ve been a bit busy with rsyslog over the xmas break. Here are the changes:

– moved some more net functionality out of syslogd.c – stage work
– fixed duplicate license text in syslogd.c – made it ambigious
– moved udp net code – again, stage work
– moved some of the udp input code to its right place
– moved cross-platform define for AI_NUMERICSERV to net.h
– made udp code somewhat less dependable on global variables — stage work
– removed omfwd code dependency on “finet”
– removed imudp code dependency on “finet”
– removed active INET code from syslogd.c – still some auxiliary things
– fixed socket leak in omfwd.c
– removed global variable LogPort
– removed gloable variable AcceptRemote and external def of bFinished