Things to do in rsyslog…

I have made good progress with rsyslog‘s input modules. As it looks, the basic things are done and the input module interface has been proven to be both quite stable as well as very simple. It doesn’t yet support different instances, but I begin to think that I do not even need them – also not in the long term.

Of course, most of the current input modules are not clean modules. They have a lot of dependencies to other parts of the code, which is not yet able to be dynamically loaded. But at least there is a foundation on which additional modules could be build. Getting the current input modules to be real clean modules will require further stage work. Many thanks need to be done.

So what to do next? It now comes down to both a matter of priorities and dependencies. I am writing this note here mostly for myself. It helps my clear up my thoughts and will also probably serve as a reference for quite a while. My thoughts may be hard to understand – sorry for that. But I thought I make them public when I write them down – even if they are not really targeted toward others. I still hope they may help you get some more background info.

So what’s to do:

- find a way to handle global settings
- multi-threaded output modules
a perquisite for
- create queued outputs (write to queue if action fails and
restart when it resumed)
- re-write way config file is read
probably perquisite for:
- create expression support
- in templates
- in selector filters
- create interface for (loadable) user function modules
- create a system to allow loading "library" loadable modules
(e.g. network library for imudp, imtcp, ...)
- separate GSSAPI from plain TCP (requires libs and lib extension system)