rsyslog work log 43

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– renamed Msg object to usual all-lowercase object name (else we ran into
troubles with the framework, also it was somewhat ugly…)
– fixed a memory leak in object destruction (was recently introduced by
object naming, not present in any released version)
– finally implemented infinite action retries via -1 retry count
– fixed a bug that caused $MainMsgQueueCheckpointInterval to work incorrectly
– fixed bug in output module interface, see
– changed the ommysql output plugin so that the (lengthy) connection
initialization now takes place in message processing. This works much
better with the new queued action mode (fast startup)
– fixed a newly introduced bug that caused output module’s doAction entry
point to be called on more than one thread under some circumstances
– fixed a bug that could cause invalid string handling via strerror_r
varmojfekoj provided the patch – many thanks!
– adopted varmojfekoj’s patch to v3, some more sterror_r’s ;)
– bugfix: MsgDup() did not work with new base object data structure
– implemented simple output rate limiting
– addded $ActionQueueDequeueSlowdown config directive
– addded $MainMsgQueueDequeueSlowdown config directive
– implemented limiting disk space allocated to queues
– addded $MainMsgQueueMaxDiskSpace config directive
– addded $ActionQueueMaxDiskSpace config directive