rsyslog work log update

rsyslog work log for Jan, 9th and 10th (sorry, forgot to post yesterday):

– implemented new GetSize() handler for config files
– implemented $MainMsgQueueMaxFileSize configuration directive
– implemented queue object method to set the file name prefix
– implemented $MainMsgQueueFilePrefix configuration directive
– created a generic stream class (for file access)
– changed queue class to use stream class
– some cleanup on object model
– changed queue file name generation (to be more generic)
– made queue file names better readable
– added buffered output to stream class
– data record support added to stream output writer
– added write functions for several types to stream class
– changed objSerialize methods to work directly on the stream class
– prepared for 3.10.1 release
– changed some config parameters and some cleanup
– released 3.10.1
– fixed a bug that caused a segfault on startup when no $WorkDir directive
was specified in rsyslog.conf
– fixed a bug that caused a segfault on queues with types other than “disk”
– removed the no longer needed thread TermSyncTool
– re-released 3.10.1
– implemented strm object serializer (untested as the code required for test
is not yet present – hen/egg problem…)
– some cleanup
– implemented management function for worker thread 0 in order to change
queue workers dynamically — stage work