rsyslog work log 41

Yesterday’s rsyslog work log:
– still helped a bit with omsnmp
– applied patch from Michael Biebl that fixed my doc change from yesterday
which was somewhat incomplete
– fixed a bug in stringbuf.c related to STRINGBUF_TRIM_ALLOCSIZE, which
wasn’t supposed to be used with rsyslog. Put a warning message up that
tells this feature is not tested and probably not worth the effort.
Thanks to Anders Blomdell fro bringing this to our attention
– somewhat improved performance of rsCStr obj
– fixed bug that caused invalid treatment of tabs (HT) in rsyslog.conf
– released 2.0.2
– reduced volume of debug output
– bugfix: setting for $EscapeCopntrolCharactersOnReceive was not
properly initialized
– clarified usage of space-cc property replacer option
– bugfix: discard action and backup actions did not work due to
problem in direct queue mode. Now fixed. Tracker was
– improved diagnostic information for abort cases
– some initial effort for malloc/free debugging support
– bugfix: using dynafile actions caused rsyslogd abort
– fixed man errors thanks to Michael Biebl
– released 3.11.1